CAN module

CAN module
The module allows you to read logistics information from CAN bus in the vehicle
Basic informations
  • Support for over 750 models of passenger vehicles, trucks, supply and machines

  • Optional possibility of connecting into K-Line (D8) bus in order to read the status of the tachograph and driver card number (on the off ignition as well!)

  • Advanced ECODRIVING with the possibility of a dedicated configuration for selected vehicles

  • PLUG&PLAY - module includes a special algorithms that ensures the correctness of available parameters: the device is ready to work right after installing!

  • AUTOSYNC - automatic synchronization - after installing, the device automatically finds the model of the vehicle to which it is connected (100% efficiency); The module does not require any configuration after the installation

  • CAN1939 & J1708 & FMS... - to handle such a large list of vehicles - additional protocols have been integrated for reading the parameters such as J1708/1587 or FMS

  • The guarantee of reading available parameters described in the list of supported vehicles

  • Precise information about the available parameters and a dedicated wiring diagram for the particular model of vehicle

  • CAN UNIFICATION - It means that all data is sent in the same units

  • Remote update (via GPRS S8 Terminal) and full configuration

  • CAN module internally integrated in the housing of GPRS S8 Terminal

  • Reading data from Renault and Volvo using the integrated internally J1708 bus (does not require connecting to any additional accessories)

  • Pulse - calibrated reading distance and fuel consumption right where total value is unavailable

  • The module remembers and provides a summed value (the course of the clocks; fuel consumption; acceleration; deceleration; engine running time and others...) It revolutionizes the time required to generate reports in the client application

  • Remote diagnostics of reading data problems from the CAN; the ability to add unsupported parameters using the diagnostic server

Read out of logistic parameters
  • Ignition signal, engine conditions

  • Total vehicle mileage read from clocks

  • Engine rpm, vehicle speed

  • Fuel level

  • Total fuel consumption, Total fuel consumption at a standstill

  • The pressure on the gas pedal

  • Total drive time, total standstill time on running engine

  • Total running time of the engine (motohours)

  • Engine, oil and coolant temperature

  • Vehicle range (number of km to ride on the remaining fuel)

  • Instantaneous fuel consumption

  • Data from tachograph (connection by CAN): work mode of two drivers, card numbers of two drivers, drivers work time limit

  • Information about exceeded limits

  • Pressure on the axles (4 axles) and total vehicle weight

  • The use of engine torque, engine speed

  • The module counts rapid accelerations and brakings using advanced algorithms (the user can configurate parameters adjusting event to a vehicle model)

  • Exceeding the engine rpm speed (event)

  • The driving time on the exceeded speed (time)

  • The driving time on the exceeded rpm speed (time)

  • The driving time on exceeding the pressure on the gas pedal (time)

  • AdBlue level

  • VIN number of the vehicle

  • Vehicle registration number

  • Reading of additional information for electric vehicles (battery level, charging the vehicle)