TMR module

TMR module
The module enables remote reading of the indicated range of tachographs memory and driver cards placed in the slots of the tachograph
Application and device description In accordance with Regulation (EC) 561/2006 companies having in its fleet vehicles equipped with digital tachographs are required to read driver cards every 28 days, and tachograph memory every 90 days. The device allows remote reading of the indicated range of tachographs memory and driver cards placed in the slots of the tachograph. Digitally signed DDD file is downloaded. Advantage of the device is a no need to return the vehicle to the base in order to read the memory of the tachograph and driver cards through externall readers. The downloaded files are protected before editing.

In addition, connecting the device to a K-Line (D8) bus provides a reading of the current state of drivers (ride, rest, work, break) and card numbers of drivers. Reading these data is basis of monitoring of drivers hours limits. Data are available on the ignition switched on and off
Connecting the device and verification of assembly The module is connected to the outputs of the rear wall of the tachograph (connector C and D) and remains invisible during the operation. Remote reading does not require the participation of the driver and can be done on the on/off ignition, while driving or on a standstill (up to 48 hours after the ignition is switched off)*. During the installation, the module allows you to perform the test, which clearly indicated the installation correctness and the ability to download a DDD file. Sometimes it requires additional configuration of the tachograph by an authorized agency. The device indicates such need right after finishing the test. The set includes and extra installation kit in the form of socket connectors C, D and pins for assembly.

* tachograph must allows to read when ignition is turned off
The process of downloading the DDD file Remote DDD file reading does not require the placement of any company card in the tachograph. Also does not require the production of a businesses card duplicate. Authentication is done remotely using a driver card reader, connected to the users computer in an office or any other location with Internet access.

1. The device works with GPRS S8 Terminal, which sends the generated order (for example, downloading the drivers file in slot 1) by an USER to TMR module
2. Remote authentication takes place. The user in his office has connected to the reader with the company card. Card exchanges authorization data with the tachograph using GPRS S8 Terminal and the TMR module.
3. After authentication, TMR module loads the selected file to its local storage.
4. File downloaded by TMR is sent to the client server using GPRS S8 Terminal
5. The file is ready to download from the client application
Supported models of digital tachographs
  • Stoneridge since version R7.1

  • EFAS since version V02

  • Continental/VDO/Siemens since version Rel. 1.3a

Information read from the tachograph
  • General informations about the vehicle

  • Information about the direction of the vehicle

  • Vehicle speed

  • Engine RPM speed

  • Drivers work time limit

  • Information about speed exceeding

  • Total mileage

  • Drivers card in the tachograph (Information about the presence of the driver card in the tachograph)

  • Informations from the tachograph

  • Drivers operating mode

  • Information about vehicle movement

  • Driver card number

  • The name and surname of the driver

  • VIN number

  • Vehicle registration number

  • A set of basic informations

  • A set of text informations