GSM antenna

GSM antenna improves the signal level of GSM modem. It operates on quadbands 850 MHz/900 MHz/1800 MHz/1900 MHz. Its the guarantee of operation all over the world. It has a dedicated connector preventing erroneous connection of GSM and GPS antenna.
GSM antenna
icon GPS antenna
The GPS antenna increases the signal level of GPS module. The external version is used for all Terminals produced by Albatross. It operates in active mode (additionally supplied) and increases the effective accuracy of recording the GPS satellites. It also has a dedicated connector, preventing erroneous connection of GSM and GPS antenna. Terminals are monitoring the connection status of the GPS antenna. At the time of the disconnection, there is generated a corresponding EVENT!
GPS antenna
icon CAN CLICK 12V/24V
CAN CLICK 12V / 24V is a dedicated attachment to devices with CAN. It allows you to load all the signals from the bus CANBUS, by isolating wires (contactless) from every vehicle in the list of supported vehicles. It works on both installations 12V I 24V.
icon DALLAS pellets reader
DALLAS reader reads contactively identification data of DALLAS. The reader is ended with a ready to connect the bundle. Cable length 150cm. It has a single-color LED, by means of which is indicated by a failure authentication when you turn on the ignition.
DALLAS pellets reader
icon DALLAS pellet
They allow for the authorization using the DALLAS pellets reader.
DALLAS pellet
icon RFID Card reader
125kHz RFID reader,contactless reads the identification data of passive transponders, operating in UNIQUE system. It has a single-color LED by means of which is indicated by failure of authentication when you turn on the ignition.
RFID Card reader
icon RFID Card
RFID card working in the system UNIQUE allows for the authorization of using RFID readers.
icon RS232 to RS232TTL converter
Converter RS232 to RS232TTL is a module that converts the signal from the signal of RS232 to RS232TTL. Required to connect the Garmin FMI and other accessories.
RS232 to RS232TTL converter
icon Robbery button
The robbery button is the single position button, allowing the driver, eg. To report the robbery to the central.
Robbery button
icon Transmitter 12V/24V + transmitter stand
Automotive relay with a stand that allows, among other things remotely cut off the vehicle ignition. Sold in two versions: the installation of 12V and the 24V system.
Transmitter 12V/24V + transmitter stand
icon Programming wire
Cable for programming, allowing the connection with the Terminal using the free application, located on your PC.
Programming wire
icon A bundle
Bundle A (supplying - 6 pin) to JP-1 Albatross Terminal connector.
A bundle
icon B bundle
Bundle B (8-pin) to JP2 Albatross Terminal connector. Bundle for devices version with no CAN..
B bundle
icon C bundle
Bundle C (8-pin) to JP-2 Albatross Terminal connector. Bundle for devices version with CAN.
C bundle
icon Bluetooth identification BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Module for remote reading of unique MAC address of BT ibuttons, which are within its reach. It is able to read up to 12 XBLITZ tags / up to 50 Eddystone tags / up to 6 ELA COIN T tags simultaneously and send them to the server via S10/FM terminal. This module is intended for integration with S10/FM terminals via the JP-3 connector, its range including dedicated ibuttons is 8 meters.
Bluetooth identification BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
icon Ibutton bluetooth
Ibutton bluetooth - tag cooperating with the Bluetooth module.
Ibutton bluetooth