Expansion modules

The EXPANDER module extends the range of available S10 terminal inputs and outputs, allowing you to connect additional peripherals to your existing system. The module is connected through the JP3 communication connector to the S10 terminal. Once connected, the EXPANDER module communicates with the terminal and additional digital inputs become available.

The module expands the range of inputs by:
  • 3 analog inputs (responsive to +)
  • 3 mass inputs (responsive to -)
  • 2 Open Collector outputs

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    CAN CLICK 12V / 24V is a dedicated attachment to devices with CAN. It allows you to load all the signals from the bus CANBUS, by isolating wires (contactless) from every vehicle in the list of supported vehicles. It works on both installations 12V I 24V.

    Bluetooth identification BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) - module for remote reading of unique MAC address of BT ibuttons, which are within its reach. It is able to read up to 12 XBLITZ tags / up to 50 Eddystone tags / up to 6 ELA COIN T tags simultaneously and send them to the server via S10 / FM terminal. This module is intended for integration with S10 / FM terminals via the JP-3 connector, its range including dedicated ibuttons is 8 meters.

    FMS Adapter it’s a solution that allows for non-invasive connection of Albatross System Terminals in trucks equipped with a standardized FMS connector (12 pin). It has all the necessary elements required for installation, so it does not require modification by the installer. The set includes a fuse that protects the vehicle's installations against short-circuits. FMS adapters are available for all Albatross Terminals equipped with a CAN module (S10.3/S10.5).