GPRS Terminal FM15 is a logistic device with high working parameters of the GPS receiver and the GSM receiver. It contains the additional accumulator for alternative power and the 3D sensor with advanced features for analyzing a driver ride, registering dangerous events and for protection a car on a stop - detecting a car towing.

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Basic informations
  • 100% compatibility of GPRS FM10 Terminal protocol with protocols of other Albatross device series

  • Compatibility with communication commands

  • Compatibility formats of data frames

  • Dedicated power supply for 12V and 24V installations

  • Dedicated internal antenas (GSM and GPS)

  • Modem GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz withultra low power consumption mode

  • High-quality GPS receiver with ultra low power consumption mode

  • Internal sim holder

  • NOVELTY! Integrated buzzer in the Terminal for signalizing events to driver - possibility to generate a sound for each event that is detecting by the Terminal!

  • NOVELTY! Generating the alert when the driver disconnects he OBDII socket - when the power supply works up to 3 months after disconnecting

  • Supporting Advanced Ecodriving Solution (3D sensor):

  • Harsh acceleration

  • Harsh brake

  • Harsh cornering

  • Vehicle accident

  • Vehicle towing

  • Information about voltage level of the additional accumulator for alternative power

  • Intelligent algorithm that detect ignition state

Data from CAN - Terminal FM15 CAN
  • Vehicle speed

  • Engine speed

  • Engine running time

  • Engine temperature

  • Calculated Engine Load

  • Checkengine

Information from theCAN bus available with the FM15 FULLCAN terminal
  • Data from the CAN bus ofthe vehicle according to the list of supported vehicle

GPS receiver

  • Registering data from GPS:

  • Current position

  • The direction of movement (0°-360°)

  • Speed (km/h)

  • Height above the sea level

  • UTC time - on the basis of which RTC clock is synchronized

  • Quantity of visible satellites

  • Ultra low power consumption solution

  • CE/FCC certificates

  • Internal GPS antenna

  • Jamming detection

GSM/GPRS modem

  • Information about the GSM signal strength, reading GSM code

  • 850/900/1800/1900MHz with internal GSM antenna 850/900/1800/1900MHz

  • GPRS Class 12 Max. 85.6kbps (uplink & downlink)


  • Internal GSM antenna

  • Jamming detection

Internal battery

  • Battery type: Li-Ion

  • Working temperature: od -20°C do +55°C

  • Battery charging while ride

  • PCM protection against a discharge and overcharge

  • Detecting disconnections of the Terminal from the OBDII socket up to 3 months

Device casing*

  • Length: 75 mm

  • Width: 50 mm

  • Height: 26 mm

  • Material: ABS

  • Color: Black

  • * dimensions with the OBDII connector

3D sensor

  • Harsh acceleration (AES ECODRIVING)

  • Harsh brake (AES ECODRIVING)

  • Harsh cornering (AES ECODRIVING)

  • Vehicle accident (AES ECODRIVING)

  • Vehicle towing (AES ECODRIVING)